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  • Start packing early. The time taken to pack can be under estimated. Try to allow 2-3 weeks starting with items you are least likely to need. Remember, if it fits in a box, put it in a box.
  • Create a list of goods that you no longer want or need and consider donating these to charity, friends or even hold a garage sale prior to your move.
  • Use proper removal cartons – strong cartons of the same size can be loaded quicker and safer than what weak, odd shaped cartons can be.
  • Use plenty of packing tape, especially at the bottom of the boxes
  • Use butchers paper – never let newspaper touch your goods as the ink rubs off
  • Use towels/linen to protect fragile items
  • Pack heavy items such as books, cans, DVD’s into smaller boxes.
  • Plates and flat fragile items are safest on their ends and wrapped individually with packing paper.
  • Pack heavier items to the bottom of the carton


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Welcome to Affordable Home & Office Removals

Affordable Home and Office Removals delivers safe, reliable and reasonably priced moving and storage solutions throughout south-east Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
We are a family owned and operated business, dedicated to offering top quality service to our customers. That’s why we offer a written No Damage guarantee, protecting you and your property. 

All removals services can be customised to suit your situation and budget. 

Organising your move, regardless of the distance, can be time consuming and is not as simple as ordering a coffee. You are choosing who will be entrusted with all your worldly possessions. At Affordable Home and Office Removals, we customize your move so you can do as much or as little as you like. Prior to your removal we deliver cartons to your home on a "loan system"
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Packing Made Easy

We understand that packing is stressful. That’s why we offer a range of solutions, from loaning you professional-grade packing cartons, to a written no-damage guarantee when our experienced team packs for you.
If you’re moving precious or delicate items, particularly furniture, ensure a safe move by taking advantage of our professional packing service. You can learn more about the methods we use by reading our packing page.

Reliable Removals, Every Time

Our trained and professional staff use a fleet of reliable vehicles to make sure your home or office move goes smoothly. We provide door-to-door removals, including unloading and assembling furniture for you.

Not only can our removals team make sure nothing shifts or breaks in transit, we’ll get your home or office loaded up and unpacked in record time. We offer both hourly rates and fixed prices; you can find out which option would suit you on our removals page.

We also offer a written No Damage Guarantee.

Storage You Can Trust

When you store your possessions, you need to know they’ll be taken care of in a safe, stable, and well-ventilated environment. Our custom-made storage modules are designed to safely hold furniture for long periods, so you can travel, move or downsize with confidence.  We make storage easy by driving your module right to your door. Once it’s packed to your satisfaction, it will be housed in our secure facility.

To find out more about our removals and storage services and to receive a free quote, contact us today!

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1. Business of the Year 2008

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3. Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business awards 2010

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4. Hall of fame 2011

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