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  • Start packing early. The time taken to pack can be under estimated. Try to allow 2-3 weeks starting with items you are least likely to need. Remember, if it fits in a box, put it in a box.
  • Create a list of goods that you no longer want or need and consider donating these to charity, friends or even hold a garage sale prior to your move.
  • Use proper removal cartons – strong cartons of the same size can be loaded quicker and safer than what weak, odd shaped cartons can be.
  • Use plenty of packing tape, especially at the bottom of the boxes
  • Use butchers paper – never let newspaper touch your goods as the ink rubs off
  • Use towels/linen to protect fragile items
  • Pack heavy items such as books, cans, DVD’s into smaller boxes.
  • Plates and flat fragile items are safest on their ends and wrapped individually with packing paper.
  • Pack heavier items to the bottom of the carton

Storage Services

Get the Best in Custom Storage Solutions

If you’re moving overseas, travelling, or simply downsizing, short or long term storage might be a good option for you. When properly prepared and stored, furniture can be safely kept in storage for months or even years.


Storage Right to Your Door

We drive your storage pod to your door, where our experienced team will pack it with your furniture or other property. We will provide packing materials, such as blankets and plastic covers, where appropriate. 

Once your module is packed, we take it to our secure storage facility, where it is held safely until you need it. We can also provide a specialist lounge racking system, for cost-effective and safe lounge storage.


Unique and Custom-Made Modules

In the hot and humid Queensland climate, proper storage is essential to keeping your furniture and other possessions from deteriorating. 

Affordable Removals uses custom-made timber storage modules, designed to allow constant airflow. Properly circulating air prevents sweat and moisture from creating mould, rot, or staining. 

Each module has a capacity of ten cubic metres, and an average house will use 3-4. Using several smaller modules means you only pay for what you use, and reduces the need to stack heavy items.


The Affordable Removals Difference

Our door-to-door storage system means there’s no expensive – or potentially harmful – double handling of your property. Your storage module will be kept in a cool, vermin-free and secure facility. 

When you hire Affordable Removals, you’ll get a trained team of removalists, who will use the appropriate packing materials to protect furniture from moisture or dust. We have the experience and knowledge to protect delicate, antique or unusual furniture and materials from deteriorating in the harsh Queensland environment.


If you’d like to find out more about our storage options, or receive a free quote, contact our friendly team today. 

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