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When A Box is Not A Box

Many of our clients can tell us in hindsight the importance of using good quality packing materials.

Many a time our No Damage Removals** **moving staff have been greeted with the very real issue of dealing with boxes that are not strong enough to cope with the weight that has been packed into them.

There are different strengths and densities to cardboard that do not become apparent to some until you are packing up your home. Cardboard boxes are generally manufactured from corrugated fibre board. This is when you see the flutes or waves between the outer layers of two flat fibre boards.

The flute thickness can vary from 0.8 mm to 4.8 mm. Depending on the strength required you can also graduate into a single wall or double walled product. It is the flute combined with the wall that makes the strength of the box itself. You don’t need to pack toilet paper and packets of chips into a box that is strong enough to hold the books from your bookshelf.

Alternatively, you do not want to pack your heavy books into the box the toilet paper was shipped in! Not if you value your books, that is.

Another thought for you to consider is do not fill large boxes with books or heavy items. This massively increases the weight to be lifted. Better to pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes.

The Use of Quality Tape

The new age of the open market has allowed for lesser quality or imported products to become available in just about any range you care you shop in.

The arena that is all things tape is no different. You will find that you can buy what looks like the exact same tape for two very different prices. One product may be $6 or more whilst the other may only be $1.

We all have a budget and it could be easy to be seduced by the savings when you consider you will use up to eight or more rolls of tape to move a 4-bedroom home.

Just be aware that some tapes on the market do not seem to stick properly to cardboard. Whether this is due to dust or perhaps humidity we cannot say but we can tell you that cheap tape often lifts off the box which can lead to possible spills or breakages.