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We Can't Tell You Often Enough

The most relevant piece of advice we give to our client’s every day is to ensure that they take advantage of this beautiful cleansing opportunity before them.

There is cleaning house and then there is cleaning house if you know what we mean. Moving can be a horrible job if you don’t have the right Mind Set. Don’t be scared off by that term. Mind Set just means the way we perceive and process all the information that comes to us.

So when you look at the huge task of moving you could think of it like a mountain that seems impossible to get over and get just that result. A more positive way to look at it would have been to grasp the opportunity to have a huge loofah come through your home and let it get rid of all the dead skin and dirt.

Just because it may be dead skin and dirt to you does not mean it isn’t worth something though! This is your chance to get rid of your unused items and also to make some money as well. How does it get any better than that?

Organise a Garage Sale

A garage sale means just that. You sort out your unwanted items into three piles. They will be the Keep, Throw Out and Sell piles. You pack the first, give the second to the dump or charity, and sell the third from your garage or yard.

That is the simplistic version but there is some preparation work that must be completed to ensure this venture is successful.

No Damage Removals has selected a few of the great tips we hear through our journey and offer them to you now.

Here are our seven easy steps necessary to conduct a successful garage sale.

Pick a date

Saturdays are the most popular day. Make sure it doesn’t clash with an important local event or peak holiday periods.

Promote Your Sale online.

You have a few choices here. The most obvious is to circulate an email to local friends and ask them to recirculate. Put an advert in the local paper. There are even some online Garage Sale sites that you could list on.

Put Up Signage

This is usually done a few days before to give people some warning.

Gather Your Items and Invitingly Arrange

Grab that third pile of items now and arrange them to attract buyers.

Assess their Value and Price

Keep it low, everybody loves a bargain. It was rubbish, right?

Sharpen Your Bargaining Wits

If you like a bit of banter then you will thrive at bargaining.