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Tips to Help Your Children When You Move

Moving home can be stressful enough without factoring in how your children may feel about the whole thing. The friendly removal crew from No Damage Removals have often seen the chaos that erupts during this time.

For children and teenagers leaving friends and a community they are familiar with can be a daunting experience. To help your children come to terms with your move here are some simple no nonsense tips.

Luckily, in this modern age, people are only as far away as a phone call and with the wonders of Skype and Facebook it is easy to keep in touch with loved ones.

Perhaps you could arrange a last hoorah for your children and their friends to get together and have a big send off with the view to always staying in contact and close.

It is important to allow children the space to permit them their feelings and not to belittle them in any way about feeling the way they do. We all have feelings. It is dealing with them in a healthy way that will help the best.

Don’t let yourself be bullied by them into making decisions, deals, or promises like who gets the biggest room, etc. You may not be able to keep deals that are made under stress, which will only lead to more upset.

Often, the thought of changing schools can be the issue. Saying goodbye to the old and familiar and going into the great unknown can be a challenge for anyone.

Try to visit the school you intend to enrol your children in and you will see some promising change. They often start to feel quite excited after visiting their new school. Children are friendly folk and the resident kids will show curiosity and more than likely speak with you and your child on your visit. Suddenly all sorts of possibilities will appear to them.

Once the room distribution has been agreed upon, empower your children by allowing them to organise it how they want. This will also go a long way towards giving them a feeling of security and you can always change it around once they are settled.

Last but by no means least. If you find your child is struggling to adjust, a visit to the school guidance counsellor or a professional therapist will help. Allowing them to talk through their issues is just as important as you dealing with your own.

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