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Tips for Staying Productive While Moving your Office

The process of moving your office can be stressful. The stress arises from the risk of losing productivity while making sure you beat the deadline for the office move. Even with the help of professional movers, it is virtually impossible to undertake the move like it is business as usual. Here are some tips to help avoid too much downtime and minimise your stress levels.

Plan Ahead

Moving an office will possibly involve transferring a local-area network and wireless network. Know where all your Ethernet connections will be located. This way you will not be at a loss when working requires you to stay online. Movers will be moving all equipment, desktop computers, printers and other office machines. Carefully plan the move and, if possible, schedule the move on a weekend. If there is any downtime, you can address any problems that may arise over the weekend or early in the new week.

Don't Be Caught Unawares

Prepare for the unexpected. No matter how you meticulously plan an office move, certain issues will arise when you least expect them. Here are some tips to prevent downtime when a problem unexpectedly comes up.

Allot a reasonable timeframe for your office move.

Have additional manpower at the ready.

Work with a moving company that offers temporary storage and disposal service.

Draw up a contingency plan for crucial activities.

Upgrade While Moving your Office

You can use the office relocation as an opportunity to purge and upgrade. It is time to retire old furniture and appliances that have served you for years. There are movers who will dispose of them for you. If your office is still using bulky CRT monitors, the move is the right time to replace them with space-saving and energy-saving flat-panel displays. You can either dispose of your old monitors or donate them to an organisation.

Use your laptop computers as your temporary personal computer while the moving is in progress. Make sure your laptop is properly connected and has the latest software prior to moving to allow you to work uninterrupted while the office is being moved. Then, use the laptop as your main personal computer while things are being sorted out and organised in your new office.

Co-operate with your Mover

Half the stress in moving office can be overcome by finding the right mover. Make sure to choose trustworthy and honest removalists as they will be responsible for your valuables and important documents during the office move. Reputable movers know what to do, so trust them to do their job.