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The Nitty Gritty of Moving Home

It’s a fact. Moving home has been proven to be one of the most stressful things you can experience in life. They have it right up there next to the death of a loved one and divorce.

So how can you get through this experience with the minimum of fuss and stress?

You need to take the time to nut out the whole scenario from beginning to end. Every nitty gritty little thing needs to be looked at from many angles before you make a decision on which removalist will transport your precious possessions.

All removalists can supply you with a thorough written quote if given the opportunity to inspect the quantity of your household goods. Some simply quote an hourly rate. Then it’s up to you to select whom you will employ.

Accounting for What You Have

When you make the decision to use a removalist such as No Damage Removals, the removalist leaders of the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, it really helps us with our quoting if you have a good idea of just how many belongings you possess.

Do you have a large house or a small house? It is not so much how many rooms the house may have as you could be living in a 4-bedroom bread box or a 3-bedroom mansion.

The size of the house will determine how much you can fit into it – unless you have everything overflowing into the patio, shed and even the yard. We hear you giggle at this but it happens.

This is why it is most helpful if you have someone come and take a look around your home to get an idea of how much truck space may be required.

On top of the usual furniture such as beds, dressing, dining and coffee tables, chairs and the like, are there any extra pieces that will add a whole lot of space to your belongings?

These extras may be the full wall length, ceiling high cabinets in the lounge room, or that great big work bench in the shed. Maybe you have a piano or an outdoor spa that you also want moved.

Do you have an overabundance of linen or are you are a collector of an item that takes up a lot of space?

The reason we point out things such as this is that most people are surprised and even shocked to discover that their worldly possessions may not all fit into the truck when it arrives.