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The Benefits of Storage Services

You have decided to reduce the clutter you have accumulated over the years, but cannot decide which items will go and which will stay. The best solution is to use storage movers. This route gives you the time to mull over your decision while your possessions are kept in a safe and secure place. By engaging a storage service specialist, you do not have to pack your own things, hire a truck or transport the containers to a storage facility.

No Damage Removals offers a unique door-to-door storage service that uses custom-made storage modules to store furniture and other belongings. The storage modules are timber crates that are designed to fit inside a customised removal truck. The truck is sent to the client's home and loaded with the client's furniture and belongings by an experienced staff. The timber cranes are stored in a warehouse.

Here are some benefits from using No Damage Removals' storage services. For more information about storage services, click http://www.nodamageremovals.com/.

Maximum Protection for Stored Items

Using timber storage modules is safe and secure. In addition, the modules allow airflow to prevent sweat or moisture, which can occur in metal shipping containers. For added protection, the items are covered in blankets and plastic covers where required.

Large Capacity Modules

A module has a generous load capacity of 10 cubic metres. Three to four storage modules are needed to pack an average house.

One Time Handling

Furniture and other household items are loaded into the required number of storage modules in your home. This prevents double handling of your possessions upon their arrival at the company's warehouse.

Convenient Warehousing

The modules are taken out of the truck with forklifts and placed in a secure warehouse. The warehouse is cool and is free of vermin.

Reduced Risk

The risk of damage to your belongings is significantly minimised because the storage modules are loaded and unloaded only at the client's address and not at the warehouse. In addition, a specialist racking system is available to allow lounges to remain free standing. This keeps the lounges in good condition even while in storage.

No Minimum Period Required

Customers can choose to store their items for days, weeks, months or years. This means you can leave your items in storage without worrying that they will be thrown away after a certain period of time.

Cost Effective

Customers are required to pay only for what they use. Using several smaller modules saves money than renting a shed that you would only half use.