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Storage Services with Definite Advantages

There are many cases where a storage service becomes an obvious need. But not all storage services are the same. At Affordable Home and Office Removals, storage services are designed to provide customers with many benefits.

The company, which specialises in handy furniture removals, complements its removal services with storage services for customers who need a temporary area where they can leave their valuable items for a set period of time. The removal specialist accommodates storage of various items for days up to years.

Tailor Made for Customer Requirements

The company’s storage services are very cost effective because they are custom made according to the requirements of the customer. With other services, the customer is forced to rent a whole room or storage area. The removal company, on the other hand, only provides the necessary space needed to store the furniture or items.

The items are stored in wooden modules, which can also fit inside the company’s removal truck. The customer will then only pay for the modules that they use. Typically, an average house will use 3 to 4 wooden modules with a capacity of 10 cubic metres. Using these timber modules makes it easy to transport the items from the home or office to the actual storage warehouse.

Main Advantages

Affordable Home and Office Removals’ storage services provide many advantages over other storage services. The storage system ensures that the items are kept safe and free from moisture, which can damage the items. Moisture intrusion usually happens in metal shipping containers.

Furniture and other items stored are also secured from vermin attacks. Where necessary, the items are covered in blankets or plastic wraps to protect them from the elements.

The company’s storage services are also very cost effective and very flexible. Customers can choose to store their items for days, weeks, months or even years. When it is time to bring the items to where the customer wants to send them, they can be easily loaded in a custom built removal truck. The items are carefully handled by removal experts in the company.

Because the company’s business is built on trust and the no-damage guarantee, customers can rest assured that the same safe handling is accorded to the stored items. For instance, items are stored free standing in a lounge rack to ensure that they do not get damaged while they are stored in the warehouse. The custom-built trucks for storage also add assurance that the items will not be damaged during transport.