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After the last box is set down you will breathe a sigh of relief when you are moving because you are nearly all done. If you have enlisted the services of a professional mover like No Damage Removals, you will no doubt have experienced a very hassle free move.

A team like No Damage Removals take care of all the hard work and heavy lifting for your move, including packing if you wish, so that you only need to organise the paperwork side of moving. So what is left once that last box is brought inside?

Unpack but also unwind

To begin with, a well deserved break may be on the cards and on your mind. If you have packed well then the essentials you will need for the afternoon/evening will easily be found on hand. If you have done this, let the unpacking wait for a while.

Even with the help of a professional, moving is a very big and draining task, allow some time to unwind, refresh and recuperate. If you have been moving all day long and it’s getting towards early evening then chill out. Order some takeaways, enjoy a cold beverage and rest; you can start serious unpacking in the morning.

Routine keeps you sane

It’s easy to fall out of routine when you move but if you can, try to stick to your routine as much as possible, especially if you have young children. Aim to eat at around the same time, shower, read stories and get to bed at the usual hour.

Sticking to the routine will help alleviate the unfamiliarity of a new environment. Again, especially with young children, this will help the transition as change is not always as exciting for them. Get your family to talk about their feelings for the new home and try to focus on some positives with them.

Get the children involved

If you have children, allow them to have a say where possible regarding how things are set up in their new rooms. This will help them to feel they have some power over the situation of moving and they will feel more involved.

Take a drive

If there is still daylight and you don’t know the area, taking a drive will help you discover shops, parks and restaurants close by. This might be a good time to stop off and pick up some takeaways for dinner so you don’t have to cook.

Settling in is easy if you give yourself time to adjust without putting pressure on yourself.