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Relocation Stress Eased by Having Reliable Removalists

There are a few life events that experts agree are among the most stressful we can experience. Bereavement, loss of income, divorce, prolonged illness and natural disasters all feature but surprisingly, moving house was also on the list. On further consideration though, it makes sense because all of these scenarios represent change in one way or another, and change can be very stressful.

Whether the move is an exciting one full of anticipation, or a forced situation caused by out-of-control events, there are still elements of the process that make people anxious. People worry about deciding what to dispose of and what to take, the cost and if the family will adapt to the new surroundings. Having a competent, honest and reliable company like No Damage Removals on the job will ease some of that anxiety.

Being Organised is Essential to Avoid Stress

Organisational and emotional issues still need to be dealt with, and both can be overcome with some common sense strategies. For some people, being organised is natural but for others it is a constant struggle. Moving house needs organisation for everything to flow smoothly, and the old-fashioned technique of making lists and writing down tasks to be done are still valid. Keep everything in one notebook so there are no loose notes left lying around to be lost.

Start packing as early as possible, keeping just the things needed for daily life. Label each box with the name of the room where it will be placed in the new house. This makes it much easier for the reliable movers to set everything down in order. Keep up a normal routine as much as possible especially if you have young children. This assures them that everything is under control in what must seem like chaos.

Take Plenty of Time to Say Goodbye

Emotional needs can be addressed in a number of ways. Leaving an area where the family is part of the neighbourhood will be sad, so visit neighbours and say goodbye, pass on addresses and contact details in advance. The day of the move is not a good time to do this, and much of what needs to be said gets missed in the activity of the day.

Prior to the move, explain to young children what is happening and why. Take them around their favourite places and take photographs so they can look back and remember. At the same time, paint a vivid word picture of the new location so they look forward to getting there.

Get plenty of sleep, eat well and don’t dwell on the past. Moving is the start of a new future so make it exciting.