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Rain No Bother For Professional Movers

Moving is no fun at the best of times but there are occasions when the job can be made even more laborious such as when it rains. Rain can bring about more issues on moving day but when you have booked No Damage Removals for their fast removal services and you need to get out of the old premises and into the new, then the move must go ahead.

Because No Damage Removals are experts in their field, usually a spot of rain is no bother for them. They will know the precautions to take to ensure safety of themselves, your belongings and the property being moved from and to the destination. If you have decided to move some items yourself on the day or on another day and there is rain, here are some tips to make the move run more smoothly in the wet.

Dress for safety

Moving and unpacking is a grubby job sometimes; anyway, so it’s unlikely you are planning on wearing your Sunday best. But where rain is concerned you need to dress a little more for the occasion. Sturdy shoes that don’t slip are a must.

You don’t want to be moving a heavy item around on a wet surface in unreliable shoes. You can fall and hurt yourself. Or you can slip and twist your back and be in all kinds of trouble. Gloves are also very useful if you will be handling wet items or if your hands are getting wet, as they will prevent things from slipping out of your grip. This could cause breakages or injury.

Keeping old towels or sheets in doorways will prevent went entryways and floors and thus prevent slips and falls too.

Protect your property

Placing sheets or towels in doorways not only protects you and your belongings from falls and breakages, it will protect the premises too. Walking wet or muddy shoes into or out of the property could result in damaged carpets or flooring.

If you place old mats and off-cuts in hallways, this will protect flooring and if you find you are moving in wet weather try to place as many items as possible in the rooms closest to where you enter. This will prevent having to walk water and/or mud around the new or old place too much.

Talk to the experts at No Damage Removals for further advice on the off chance it will and your moving day. With these experts at your service it should all run according to plan.