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Professional Removalists and Committed Staff Minimise Disruption

Relocating an office to larger, more modern premises is an exciting time for both the management and the employees. It is the start of a new phase in the business strategy and usually, it is also an opportunity for the staff to get new office furniture. For the move to run smoothly, employees usually pack up their own offices or work stations to keep track of crucial documents and work-in-progress.

Follow Management Instructions for a Smoothly Run Move

Management will brief the employees on the timing of the move and arrange for phones, internet connections, computers and other equipment to be moved and installed. They should also have issued staff with some guidelines as to what goes to the new premises, what should be shredded and what if anything, can be donated to charity. They will also have arranged for an easy furniture removals company to transport everything to the new location.

There are standard packing methods that are very efficient and ensure that when everything arrives at the new premises, employees can quickly unpack and get back to work. Most office workers are still waiting for the long promised paperless office, so the first places to start are the filing cabinets. Start systematically at the top and work down, creating three separate piles. One will contain files to be archived, one will be shredding or recycling and the other can be packed into boxes ready for the removalists.

Allow Employees to Manage the Packing of Their Own Equipment

No Damage Removals are experts at moving people from one business location to another. They advise that the most successful removals are those where each employee is responsible for their own possessions, files, documents and personal items. Everything should be packed into proper removal cartons as these are much stronger and more uniform in shape than normal cardboard boxes. Take care to seal the boxes with packing tape, especially at the bottom and write the staff member’s name and office number in large black letters on each box. Also, include a brief summary of the contents.

Unpack On-going Work Documents First

Desk drawers should be cleared of rubbish and the contents packed into a box along with other support and resource materials. When packing documents needed for on-going work or projects on the go, make sure these boxes are marked to be opened first. This will allow employees to answer customer queries and find information while they are still in the process of unpacking the rest.

Using a professional removalist like No Damage Removals can mean the difference between an office that is up and functioning with just a few hours of disruption or a disorganised mess that takes weeks to sort out. Think of the effect this would have on productivity and book them for your office relocation.