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Preventing Back Problems When Moving Items

Back problems can happen when we move items the wrong way. The simple task of moving objects should not be taken lightly. When done incorrectly, it may cause some really serious problems. Back problems can happen when people are moving huge boxes for a move to another place. Here are some tips to remember when moving heavy items inside or outside the house.

Lift From the Hips

People often reach down and lift objects. This can put a strain on the spinal column. When lifting a box on the floor, it is always best to sit down and lift the object using the entire body. This way, the strain is removed from the back.

Another common mistake that people often make is bending and twisting. After bending to lift the object, the person then twists to bring the item to the truck or to another area. This practice can have a negative impact on the person’s facet joints. The best way to lift and turn is to squat first, lift, and then use the feet instead of the waist to turn and change direction.

Use Tools

When moving heavy objects, people can avoid putting the load on their backs by using tools instead. Use a dolly to transport items to and from the truck when moving to another place. Make sure to secure the items to the dolly when there are several boxes to be moved at once.

Avoid Pulling

One way to prevent back problems is by pushing instead of pulling. Generally, pushing is easier than pulling heavy objects. If one is using a cart, then the transfer is less strenuous. Remember, however, that pushing can also be dangerous if not done the right way. Use the legs and the entire body when pushing.

Get Help

Carrying objects can put a strain on the back, especially if the person is not mindful of the right posture to do the task. The best way to avoid any untoward back injuries is always the choice of getting help from a professional. Affordable Home and Office Removals can do the heavy lifting when moving to another place. The client can simply instruct the movers to place the items where they should be.

Another advantage of getting help from professional furniture removals Maroochydore is the training they have received for moving heavy objects. The crew knows the proper techniques in moving, something that people tend to think is a simple and easy job that they end up doing it themselves and getting injured accidentally.

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