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Practice The Art Of Good Cleanout

If you are a minimalist then you can turn away now. This information is for everybody out there who likes to hoard and hang on to things just in case.

Coming from a long line of hoarders we can understand your ease and joy at keeping this for a rainy day project and that for when you find the time. Even those might come in handy some day! Right?

When it comes to moving, it’s a big wrong with a capital WRONG. The reason being these sort of items that you have stored away in the spare room, the hall cupboard, or the shed out back, all add to the cost of your time and money.

You don’t realise until you are packing and moving everything just how much extra space all these ‘maybes’ take up. The number one suggestion No Damage Removals love to make to every customer is to have a beautiful big spring clean out before you move.

You will not only feel lighter in your own soul but have the biggest smile on your face after your speedy unpack job at the other end.

Where to Start

The best way to start is to tackle one room at a time. Obviously the spare room is a great place to start. Once you have this room sorted you can use it to store the things you pack from your own or the children’s rooms.

Be strong and stick to it. Sort into three piles.

  • Keeping;
  • Throwing; and
  • Donating.

Pack your keeping items and then immediately throw your throwing items away and donate your donating items. If you hang on to them they are likely to find sneaky ways back into your life and thus continue to clutter everything up.

Systematically go through each room deciding what you actually find useful and what is really just taking up space. Once you have completed this part of the task it is a good idea to go through everything again. If you can do it before you move you will feel even lighter and you will thank yourself at the unpacking end.

When You Are Downsizing

This part of the process is even more important if you are planning on downsizing.

Even a new place that has the same amount of rooms but a lot less storage space is downsizing, so learn to be brutal and get free of the clutter. Doing this on a regular basis, even if you are not moving, will prove to be a worthwhile task.