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Phew! The Move is Done

Whilst you may collapse into your new abode with a feeling of relief there are still things to be done so no relaxing just yet!

We know it has been a long hard road to sort out what can go and what needs to stay, get everything packed up safely and securely, and transfer everything to where it needs to be.

No Damage Removals offer a few checks that you should complete before you can relax completely.

Has Everything Arrived?

If you have done the packing properly than you have made a list of how many boxes you have and which room they need to go into.

Have a quick walk around your new home and double check that all is there and in good condition.

If there are issues - document, and take photos of any damage incurred for that all-important claim.

Major Appliances

Your insurance may only offer a small time window to make a claim against damages incurred whilst moving so it is important to run through these checks.

Usually, your fridge will need to be rested before switching it on. Once this time is allowed, switch it on and give it time to cool down before loading it up. This will give you time to check that it has not suffered from the move.

Washing machines can have their drums secured whilst being transported. Make sure you remove this security before operating it. If it has been secured then it should work fine, If not, then you may want to run it through an empty cycle to make sure all is well.

Likewise, if you have transported a stove, dishwasher or dryer just give them the onceover before using them.


You can actually get your essential utilities of gas and power set up online these days prior to your arrival. Just double check that these are connected and running.

Car Registration, Driver’s License, Insurance, and Electoral Roll

Once you have settled you can notify the local authorities of any changes that need to be made.

If you have moved interstate you will need to have a new registration and license. Be sure to advise the Australian Electoral Commission.

Schools and Personal Care

If you have made a big move you may not be able to research appropriate schools for your child until you arrive. If this is the case you may find information from your local library, community centre and neighbours regarding which schools are available.

Likewise, finding a good doctor and dentist may not be top of the list but it is essential to know where to go should someone need them when you first arrive.