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Pet And Child Care When Moving House

It’s all in the planning when it comes to conducting a successful house move.

There is no doubt that moving house involves the greatest planning, spatial awareness, debating, manoeuvring, and negotiating skills. It takes strength. It is a monumental task. This is why it is so important to plan it out clearly and correctly.

When it comes to your children, animals and even your plants it is vital to be prepared. Have a plan, and stick to it.

No Damage Removals have put down some tips, based on our observations of what works and what doesn’t.

Start at the Beginning

It is always a nice idea to include your children at least in the house hunting part of this expedition. It doesn’t have to be every single house. Just enough to show them you value their input.

If a physical visit is out of the question, share photos or videos with them. Once you have agreed on your new home you can move on to the planning stage of the move.

Family Meeting

The first step should be calling a family meeting to discuss what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Obviously, this does not work with toddlers or young children. However, some youngsters are ready around the age of eight to accept small responsibilities. Certainly, they will think of things that need to be addressed that you may never have considered!

Involve your pets in this process. They tend to communicate with us in picture form. So if you can think in terms of picturing these events you animals are far more relaxed.

Things to discuss and plan out are:

  • Do it Yourself or Removalists
  • Date of move
  • Time frame including calendar calculations and insertions to keep you on track
  • Schedule a refreshing spring clean to rid yourself of unused or unwanted items
  • Having a garage sale or just giving it all to charity
  • Will children stay and help or be cared for off premises
  • How will your pets be transported?
  • How will your plants be transported?
  • Utilities
  • Return of library books and all other borrowed items
  • Goodbyes

The Final Event

We left goodbyes until last for a reason. Moving can be extremely emotional. How a move is approached and dealt with can have long lasting effects on developing minds. Children and even pets, need to be able to have quality farewells and then take the time to adjust to their new space.

New school, no friends, not even the comfort of their familiar bedroom. Be ready to talk with your children when they talk about how they are adjusting.