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Perfect Planning Sometimes Means.......Absolutely Nothing

You can plan everything to the very last detail when moving home and still miss something.

You shouldn’t blame yourself. Moving is a big job and there are often circumstances that are beyond your control.

Bad Weather

The absolute worst thing that can happen is to suffer a move through bad weather. Transporting your precious belongings to or from your dwelling to the truck in rain can be challenging. If your property has a garage that has access to your home and is easily accessed by the moving van this is the best solution.

The next best scenario is to rig up a tarp to protect our crew and your belongings over the many trips they will take in and out of your home. If you can remember where you packed your bathroom rugs and towels, now is the time to open up that box!

Poor Access

Often, people will assess the size of their current home to the size of their new home to help them decide if furniture, for example, is going to fit. It may not be until moving day that you discover it is difficult, or worse, impossible to get your larger pieces of furniture inside due to narrow pathways, doorways or internal stairs.

In some situations we have seen doors and even windows removed. In extreme cases it may be necessary to employ the services of a crane.

Lost Keys

Not everybody has the keys in hand on moving day. They have made arrangements to pick them up from the real estate agent or they have been left in a “secret” spot. These are both great options and usually go smoothly. There have been times though when the real estate agent can’t be contacted and the key is not in the secret spot.

Traffic Delays 

Traffic delays can be the most frustrating experience of all at any time, let alone when you are moving. Just like the weather, this really is a situation that is out of your control. Our drivers can cope with the traffic and the delay. It is you and your children and perhaps animals that need to maybe kick back and find a park somewhere and ride out the delay with ease and comfort.

Perception vs. Reality 

We always find it very interesting to visit the homes of our clients to quote for their move. It is true that perception can often outweigh the reality of a situation. To our mind the classic (and also our favourite) “We don’t have much stuff” can mean many things to many different people. This is why it is so important to have a professional removalist such as No Damage Removals come and correctly assess your needs.