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Moving House: How to Survive

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and is considered to be up there with the death of a loved one, and a relationship break-up, in terms of the level of anxiety that it causes. The experience of settling into a new home and a new way of living is a lot to get your head around without the anxiety of actually moving all your belongings yourself, so it might be a good idea to think about getting someone to help. No matter which way you choose to tackle the task of moving, make sure that you go easy on yourself and don’t put extra stress on an already painful exercise.

Get a Removalist

In reality, the best way to tackle moving house is to stand back and let a removalist do it for you. Depending on the removal company that you choose, you will still need to do some of the work, such as sorting out what you want to take with you, and what you are going to sell, throw away or give away. With removalist companies such as No Damage Removals you can customise your move so that you do as little or as much as you like.

Give Yourself Time

Whether you are choosing to get a removalist to do the job or you feel courageous enough to tackle it yourself, give yourself ample time for the task. Many people have attempted to do a move in a two-week turnaround time and this only creates more stress. Try to allow at least six weeks to allow for booking the removalist, or preparing yourself and your belongings for the task ahead.

Out With the Old

Go through all of your possessions with a ruthless eye, and get rid of anything that you have not used in the last 12 months. Many of us find ourselves moving the same junk from place to place, still in the boxes from the last move, without even stopping to enquire whether we still want it in our lives anymore. If you have an idea that you might want to move three months ahead of time, start right away with the culling of what is no longer needed. You will not only have less to move, but you will feel a lot lighter as you begin your new life in your new home.

Ask for Help

Don’t be shy about asking for help. Put the word out on your social networks asking for help and call in favours from friends and family. You don’t have to do it alone! Get a good friend to come around a month before the move, to help you with the clean-up, throw-out phase. Seriously consider getting a removalist who you can trust will do damage-free packing as well as moving for you, such as No Damage Removals. You will be thanking yourself later for investing in your own sanity!