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Move House without Pain

Moving house involves physical labour, including packaging and lifting heavy items. Lifting heavy objects the incorrect way can lead to back pain and even injury. Moving-related injuries are preventable. Just follow some safety tips.

Tips to Avoid Injuries

The first thing to do is not to overfill boxes when packing. Each box should be easy and comfortable to pick up and carry so as not to leave you tired and already in pain after a single trip to the moving truck. You could hurt your by back lifting and carrying heavy boxes, or you could drop the box and hurt yourself and damage the contents.

The best way to avoid back pain or injury while moving heavy items is to use your legs for lifting objects instead of your back. To lift and move large and heavy items such as appliances, use the proper equipment and tools. Use a dolly to avoid moving items too far, as well as straps to help secure the boxes and items to the dolly to assist in lifting heavier boxes.

Do not move or even attempt to pack flammable items with acid. These are hazardous items that need to be handled by professionals. Be aware of your surroundings by looking out for unsafe walkways or sidewalks in your home. Take care when walking on these areas while moving heavy boxes.

Ask friends and relatives to help you load your boxes to the moving truck. The job will be easier and will finish faster if there are many helping hands. Have water and food on hand if you are moving stuff, especially in hot weather. Also, have a first aid kit handy to treat minor injuries.

Leave it to the Professionals

The most effective way to avoid pain or injury is to hire professionals like No Damage Removals to do the job. They have the right tools and equipment and the experience to move boxes and items and complete the job without suffering any injury. Choose reputable safe furniture removals to ensure your possessions are safely moved to your new home.

Professionals are particularly knowledgeable in moving speciality items such as pianos, large appliances and valuable antiques. Some large items like furniture need speciality handling. No Damage Removals complete removal services, including the disassembly and reassembly of desks, beds and furniture.

The company customises home and office removals to suit the particular needs and budget of a customer. Rates are affordable, with customers being given the option of an hourly or fixed rate. There is a written No Damage Guarantee, thus customers are assured their possessions are handled properly and with care. For more information about affordable moving services, go to http://www.nodamageremovals.com/.