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Missing Something?

No Damage Removals have judiciously and happily served the Sunshine Coast for the past 11 years.

We have seen and heard some pretty amusing things since 2003.

We can say amusing after the fact, but the truth of the matter is that leaving things behind when you move is not funny.

Moving is a stressful task that takes time and energy. You must stay on top of it all and keep all those balls in the air if you are going to get through the experience unscathed. Too often the catchcry we hear is “We forgot…….”

We thought it was about time to offer some words of wisdom and experience to help get you into the groove of the move without the hassle.

Medical Records

Depending on how far away you are moving, contacting your physician is an essential step to take. No point if it is just around the corner but if it is further than a few hours’ drive this is vital.

It can save time and stress if you have your family’s medical records with you when you move.

Too often people get to the end of their move without them and then fly into a flurry if one of them falls ill and has to go to a doctor who is unfamiliar with their history.

Hidden Valuables

From time to time we have been told stories of people leaving their hidden goodies in the roof or floor cavity of their old home, and vice versa, of someone discovering a rare gift in their new home!

A great find for the new resident if they find that hidey hole but not for the genuine owner so be aware and think about removing these sorts of items well in advance of your move.

This goes for the spare keys you may have hidden under that rock in the garden and the garage remote control you keep in the glove box of your car.

Doing a Little Accidental Petty Theft?

Remember to return all your borrowed items to their original owners.

By this we mean that book you borrowed from the local library or that saw or CD you borrowed from your neighbour.

The Final Once Around

Too often when the truck is ready to go people can assume that the house is empty without giving it that last look around. Many small items can be left behind when moving.

Remember the baby’s change bag and the item you popped into the top kitchen drawer so the children would not find it and lose it, or even the food and game kit you packed to have in the car ready for the road trip.