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Help Us Out By Helping Yourself

No Damage Removals have been proudly serving the Sunshine Coast community for more than ten years.

We have pretty much seen it all and experienced most of it firsthand. That is why we feel we are fully equipped to offer any and all forms of advice to would-be home movers.

It’s a tough job; there is no doubt about it. If you have a family it can be an even bigger job to keep an eye on children and take care of the day to day duties with them as well as organise a move.

One of the best things you can do to help yourself when moving is to record as much as possible what it is you are moving.

By this, we mean that the more information you hold regarding what you are moving the better off you will be at the other end when you arrive.

So when you are ready to start packing here are some tips to help you create an inventory of your possessions.

Get certified copies of your documents

If you have such items as birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, deeds, and insurance policies then get them copied and certified by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declaration.

On moving day the originals of these items are things you should keep with you. Bundle up the copies with your moving items. This way you are covered either way should something go awry.

Record your belongings

You would be surprised how many people just load stuff up into their own cars or our vans without really having any proof or way of identifying what is theirs by brand, size or price.

Take photos of your items, especially your valuable ones such as televisions and computers. It’s also a good idea to include your white goods. You can go further with this and record any and all items. This just really proves you actually owned these items before you moved.

It will also help your mover locate them should they be accidentally delivered to another customer’s items that are also in the van.

In this day and age, scanning all documents is an easy step to take so that you have digital records. This saves you carrying paper around with you. Store these photos with digital copies of purchase receipts and warranty’s together in a file.

Make sure to include such data as model and serial numbers.

Should anything happen to these items you have all the information at hand to make it easy for our team at No Damage Removals to assist you with the problem.