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Get Rid Of Your Unused Junk At A Garage Sale

It is amazing how even the most minimalist person can accumulate a mass of belongings.

We find that as we live in any place for too long we will grow and spread to fill every nook and cranny of our homes, garages, sheds and gardens.

That ‘too long’ really doesn’t have to be that long either. In a matter of a couple of months you can accumulate any number of important objects that can take up space.

When you get ready to move you may still not really have any idea of just how much stuff you have to move. That is, until you miss that deadline and find that the removalist is there and you only have half your stuff packed.

This is not a good deadline to miss, especially if you should discover that you are actually packing stuff you no longer have a need or desire for.

Your Rubbish is Another’s Treasure

Just because you don’t need or want something doesn’t mean it is not worth something. If you have the time to sit at your computer and list everything on eBay, then go for it, but if time is of the essence then you may need to think about having a garage sale.

They can be organised at very little notice and are a great vehicle to shift a lot of belongings in one fell swoop.

Sorting Out the Good from the Bad or Indifferent

Sorting out your belongings into good - keep, bad - get rid of, and indifferent - also get rid of, is the first step to any successful move.

Once you have sorted your items and have the items you wish to let go of you are ready to kick off into Garage Sale Land.

Do A Little Research

Remember, the rule of thumb here is you don’t want it anymore, so if you can get someone to pay you for it and also remove it from your property, you are onto a winning formula.

To this end you might want to do a little research and see what similar items to yours are selling for. Unless it’s an antique or collector’s item, what you paid for it has very little to do with its value. There is no sense in asking $20 for something that is only worth $5.

Once the fuss and bustle of the day is over you should have a nice stash of cash to pay your removalist extraordinaire, No Damage Removals.

The other thing you will notice is how light and free you feel from letting go of some of your stuff.