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Preparing for Moving Day, with or without Professional Movers?

Moving house is one of the great pains of life. It will always be somewhat stressful, but if you follow some simple tips you can make your relocation much smoother.

Declutter Early

The longer you stay in one place, the more it fills up with stuff. Things you used to use, things you never used, and inexplicable things no-one will admit to buying.

Moving is the perfect excuse to clear out the clutter. You’ll have to handle every object you own, so why not make sure it’s worth bringing them with you?

You can donate, sell, give to friends or throw away, but start now. Most disposal options take at least a little time or planning, which you won’t want to do in the middle of the big move.


Start Packing as Soon as Possible

If you’ve hired a professional moving service, check to see if packing is included. You may want only want help with difficult items, like washing machines or fridges, or you may opt for a complete packing service. 

If you’re going to do all or some of the packing yourself, you should start well before your move. If you’ve hired movers, they’ll supply packing materials. If not, there are a number of places you can find or buy boxes, packing tape and labels. 

Begin by packing things you need, but only use some of the time. Off-season clothing, extra bedding and books are a good start. Every little bit you sort and pack now will save you stress later.


Keep Track Of Everything

Always keep track of what you’ve packed and what box it’s in. The easiest method is labelling the boxes with numbers, and keeping a list matching the numbers to the contents. 

There are a few ways of doing this, from pen and paper, to online lists. Not everyone packs room by room, so find the system that works for you and your family.


Sort out the Paperwork

Once you know your new address, you can start sorting out the paperwork. Arrange any utilities transfers well ahead of time, and contact your new council for a new resident’s pack. 

It’s worth making a list of organisations you’ll need to notify of your address change. At a minimum, you’ll need to update the Electoral Roll, your driving license and car insurance. You might also want to arrange mail forwarding for a period.


Pack Up the Essentials

You might have already planned to set aside essentials like linen, snack or a kettle for your first day in your new home. It’s also worth considering packing a suitcase for every family member before you move. 

As you get closer to the actual moving date, most of your life will be packed away. A carry-on or backpack with clothes, toiletries, medication and essentials can get you through the transition period before and after your move 

If you want more handy hints, you can read our guides to safely packing furniture. 

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