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Tips for Carefree Moving

Whilst No Damage Removals offer a complete packing and easy removal service you may wish to pack yourself and let the professionals move you.

In the business of moving, time means money. This will obviously save you a bit of cash and also allow you an opportunity that you otherwise would not have had to weed out a few more things to throw in the Vinnie’s bin or advertise on eBay or Gumtree.

Children and Pets

If your move is within the same city, if is at all possible when you are packing and subsequently moving it will keep your stress levels to a minimum if you can get a friend or relative to look after the children and pets.

The House You Move Out Of

If you have to dismantle anything, keep the nuts, screws, and washers, et cetera. in a correctly marked, small clip lock bag and tape it to the item they come from.

This also applies to keeping the chargers for your phone, laptop, and camera handy and contained.

If you wish to fix the holes made by pictures and prints on the walls, a little bit of soap does the trick.

To save money on bubble wrap pack your glassware into clean socks. You can also use clothes, blankets, and towels to pack breakable items. Don’t forget you can enlist the help of clothing baskets, and any other baskets you have around the house instead of packing boxes. You can even just leave your items in your dresser drawers.

Things that you may need to get your hands on in a hurry at the other end can be packed into clear boxes for easy identification.

Start winding down on grocery shopping and use up what is in the pantry so that you are not moving food that is best replaced once you are in your new home.

The House You Move Into

If you have the opportunity it is always helpful to give the bathroom and kitchen a clean before you move in. Then you can simply unpack and put things away without any extra work on the day.

Finally, it is helpful to pack yourself an overnight bag full of the things you will need first thing in the morning in your new home. Then you don’t have to start unpacking to get to a clean change of clothes or toys for the children.

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