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30 Days Out - Tips to Get You Preparing for Your Move

For most of us the thought of moving house can be a trigger to huge amounts of stress before you even start to move.

Many of us have been through the experience of throwing items into boxes just to get them to the other end and then having to sort out a huge mess at your destination.

No Damage Removals have put together some brilliant tips to help reduce the stress of moving and have you believing that moving is a synch.


There are many people you can advise far ahead regarding your move.

For instance, if you have children, the school they attend can be notified well in advance of their imminent transfer.

Likewise, take the time to make contact with the school they will be transitioning to and get the ball rolling on enrolment. This will save time when you arrive in your new home, allowing you time to unpack and not worry about where you stashed the paperwork for safe keeping.

Advise all your authorities of your scheduled departure and new address contact. These may include:-

• Local Council – both current and the new one - for rates, animal and business registrations;

• Your utilities such as gas, electricity, phone and postal service;

• Your banking institution;

• Your doctor and dentist;

• Motor vehicle registration authority and breakdown service including licensing; and

• Insurance company for home, boat, bike and car.

Spring Clean, Eat It or Throw It Away

It is wise to take this early time to start sorting out anything you have been considering clearing out and giving away to charity, friends, or the local tip, such as clothes, toys, books, furniture items, cooking utensils, ornaments, and any other bric-a-brac.

Remember when moving that less is more. Sometimes the time, energy and money used to move items, especially large heavy ones, may actually be more expensive than letting them go and getting a new one at the other end.

Start to use up pantry items and frozen goods so that you have as little food as possible to transport.

If you are not using a packing service, now is the right time to start accumulating packing items such as boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap, et cetera.

Finally, think about seeking out the user manuals for your fridge and washing machine. They should have information for you regarding their safe transport. This will include vital information for you or your removalist on when and how to move the fridge and remember that some washing machines will need to have the motor or bowl bolted down.