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A close up on a pool table on a tiled floor

Moving Pool Tables: What You Need to Know

Moving pool tables isn’t like moving other furniture. They’re extremely heavy and very easy to damage, so you’ll need some equipment and a lot of care to move one safely.

Pool tables need to be disassembled before they can be moved, so unless you’ve tackled similar projects before we recommend hiring professionals.

If you want to do it yourself, this is our guide to the basic steps and a few common pitfalls: 

What Equipment You’ll Need

Pool tables usually weigh between 300k and 450k, and even the smallest recreational ones will come in at 250k. This means you’ll need certain equipment to safely move one: 

-          A 4 tonne truck with a hydraulic lift

-          Dollies

-          Staple puller or flat head screwdriver

-          Drill 

Disassembling Your Pool Table

Pool tables come in all different sizes and a few different shapes, so always measure all the doors and corridors you’ll need to fit yours through when moving. 

Taking a pool table apart requires removing parts in a certain order: the pockets, the rails, the felt, the slate and the legs. 

First, remove the staples from the pocket straps on the underside of the rails. Next, remove the bolts holding the rails in place. Carefully remove the rails from the table, and detach the pockets. 

Secondly, check if the felt is stapled or glued to the slate. If it’s stapled you’ll need to remove them, and if it’s glued you’ll need to peel it off. If you want to reuse the felt you’ll need to take care it doesn’t rip, and fold the felt afterwards. 

Third, use the drill to remove the screws on the top of the slate. They might be covered in beeswax or plaster which you’ll have to remove. Once the screws are out, carefully life the slate onto the dollies. Depending on your model, the slate will be in one, two or three pieces. 

The last thing to do is remove the legs from the frame. Once you have disassembled the table, use the dollies to move the slate to your truck. Cover the slate in moving blankets and stack on the bottom of the truck. 

Problems to Look Out For

There are a few common problems that arise when moving pool tables. If you are removing the felt from the table, it’s a good idea to get a professional in to re-felt it. It’s very easy to damage felt and it will prevent pool balls from rolling straight. 

Secondly, take care to avoid scratching or bumping the slate because tables are usually made up of several pieces, there will be at least one slate seam you have to deal with. If the seam ends up cracked or distorted by damage, the table will be unusable. 

Most problems that arise during pool table moving are simply down to weight. If you don’t have proper carrying equipment, or if you have to bring your pool table up or down stairs, it’s a very good idea to call a professional moving service. 

Not only do professional movers have the right equipment to safely transport your pool table, they have the training to take apart and re-assemble it without damaging it.


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