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Seven Days Out - Tips To Get You Prepared For "M" Day

Following on from the tips and tricks of what you can do 30 days out to have your moving experience running smoothly, No Damage Removals – the specialists in moving house and home or office and business – have put together some great tips and ideas for you to consider and act on when you are 7 days out from the big event – moving that is.

Luckily, moving is not like having a baby, so you can plan your every move down to the nth degree.

Time to Get Organised

Hopefully, as per the 30-day suggestions, you have cleared out your unwanted items, leaving you with the most cherished, valuable bits and pieces.

Nominate a room that has easy access to the driveway to start storing your packed boxes. Once packed it will help to have a list of what is in them in case you need something quickly at the other end. Plus, mark which box goes where. The removalist will love you for it.

It’s always a big help to keep items of a similar use together so that they can go into that room at the other end. For example, keep your bathroom scales, electric toothpaste and brushes, shampoo, and conditioner, soaps, makeup, et cetera. in the same box. Ensure that anything you place into that box cannot leak and create a mess for you to clean at the other end. Cliplock bags are a great help here.

Likewise, all your kitchen items are best packed together. To avoid stress once these are packed away, why not invest in some fabulous bamboo cutlery and plates? You can use these the last few nights before moving and the first few nights at your new home if need be and relax knowing you are not contributing to huge amounts of waste.

If you find you don’t have enough paper to wrap your glassware you can use your towels or even clothing.

Now is the time to have that last run around the yard to make sure it is left in a neat and tidy condition. This will also serve to use up the fuel in the mower and whipper snipper, making them safe for transport.

Start to dismantle any furniture that travels better in its original flat pack form.

Finally, a word on insurance. If you are using professional removalists they will have insurance cover, but, if you are intending to move anything yourself, it is wise to check that your insurance will cover any damages or breakages.